One Hot Grill…can’t study on an empty stomach

When we asked DSU students for their favorite place to hang out and chow down, we learned about ONE HOT GRILL.

They were awarded “Best Burger in Southern Utah” and after stopping by and taking to Deil the owner, we can understand why. I really enjoyed my Chicago Dog…he also highly recommends his Pastrami and Louisianna Burger for a unique taste.

When I asked Dail what made him decide to go into business he smiled and served up some nostalgia talking about his grandmother owning a Dairy Freeze when he was growing up. His mother worked for Meals on Wheels and bought the business 4 1/2 years ago…she told him “you can have it if you want”. With a leap of faith and a lot of hard work Dail opened the doors.

When I asked him what was his secret to success he said “l love what I do”. His goal is to have happy customers and deliver good, fresh food.